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  • Tiny News Collective

    Tiny News Collective

    Working to create a world where everyone can participate in creating relevant, accurate and culturally conscious local news and information.

  • Resilience in media

    Resilience in media

    Let’s talk about #BuildingResilience in news. We believe in diverse, equitable, inclusive & adaptable newsrooms that foster meaningful conversations.

  • Jennifer Barnett

    Jennifer Barnett

    Former managing editor of The Atlantic, Teen Vogue, Redbook, and Elle. Now I’m writing. Expat in Amsterdam.

  • Max Resnik

    Max Resnik

    Max is a CUNY Social-J and Tow-Knight alum and former Media Team Lead for Cortico/Local Voices Network — find him @maxresnik

  • Lindsay Green-Barber

    Lindsay Green-Barber

  • Smitha Khorana

    Smitha Khorana

    Journalist and Writer, Data & Society, smithakhorana@gmail.com

  • Eve L. Ewing

    Eve L. Ewing

    Sociologist of race & education at the University of Chicago. Author of 1919, Ghosts in the Schoolyard, Electric Arches, and a bunch of Marvel comics.

  • Anika Anand

    Anika Anand

    Deputy director, LION Publishers

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