Just to clarify on one point. I didn’t and am not claiming we are a working class family currently. I did say that we have working class and low-income backgrounds and I do think that’s relevant. The path from where we started and we are now has been a long journey and is more of the point for this piece. I think it’s that background and experience and the variations of that, that is worth seeking to represent in newsrooms especially since as an industry, the shift has been to toward folks with the means for internships and low-paying jobs. And while I have software engineering skills, I don’t work for tech companies, I’m in the open source community building tools for newsrooms.

Thanks for contributing to the conversation. You raise good points that are helpful to the discussion.

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Deputy Director of Product @NewsCatalyst. Founder of @ProjectFacet, supporting effective, meaningful collaboration. The future of journalism is collaborative.

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