Your logic doesn’t track here at all. I cited statistics that directly contradict your assertion that men are breadwinners and woman aren’t. You state that women are more likely to work for reasons other than supporting their families. That’s simply not the case. So you cite a study about one kind of outcome observed for male and female employees in a specific occupation with regards to relationship potential.

Your statement “Males are driven to increase their professional status, as this increases their marital options. Women actually GIVE UP maritial options by getting successful,” in no way whatsoever sufficiently supports your assertion that men and women have opposite motivations for career success.

Why is it so hard to contemplate that both men and women seek professional success for a wide range of nuanced factors spanning family support to entrepreneurial ambition and none of that makes it acceptable to act like a jerk, and definitely doesn’t make it acceptable to perpetuate gender biases.

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Deputy Director of Product @NewsCatalyst. Founder of @ProjectFacet, supporting effective, meaningful collaboration. The future of journalism is collaborative.

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